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Belly button piercing guide

Belly button piercings are one of the most popular piercings for women and many men now also wear this beautiful body jewellery. The trend started in the 90s when hip celebrities like Alicia Silverstone or Britney Spears started piercing their navels and showing off the new jewellery on the red carpet. With the return of many 90s trends, pierced navels are also more popular than ever. Find out all the important information and tips about belly button piercing here in this article.

Getting a belly button piercing

Before you get a belly button piercing, there are a few things you should consider. Everyone's belly button is shaped individually, which is why not everyone can get this fashionable piercing. A belly button piercing requires a pronounced fold of skin above the navel, as the piercing is pierced through this fold of skin and not through the navel as the name suggests.

In some people, this fold of skin is found below the navel instead of above it. In this case, you can also have your belly button pierced from below. If the navel is shaped correctly, double belly button piercings are also possible. In this case, the skin folds above and below the navel are pierced, which makes particularly aesthetic looks are possible. Another variation is the side pierced belly button.

Many people also shy away from a belly piercing because of their weight or figure. But you shouldn't worry too much about that, because belly button piercings look equally good on both slim and curvy people. Weight does not influence whether you can get this piercing. The decisive factor here is your own anatomy.

The piercing of a navel piercing is done lying down. The piercer will also look at the two marked areas beforehand while standing and sitting to make sure that the chosen position will not cause any problems in any of these postures. During piercing, clamping pliers is used to fix the skin fold. A sterile cannula is then inserted through the fixed area and the initial jewellery is pulled through the piercing canal with the help of the cannula.

The price for a belly button piercing usually depends on the studio and the region. However, on average you should plan on between €40 and €70.

The right piercing jewellery for your navel piercing

The size of a belly button piercing consists of the bar thickness and the length of the piercing. The bar thickness for a belly button piercing is typically 1.6 mm or slightly less often 1.2 mm. The length of a navel piercing depends on how the individual piercing was stitched. Lengths from 6 mm to 16 mm are possible. The standard bar length is 10 mm.

There are now thousands of different designs of piercing jewellery for the popular belly button piercing. The most commonly used for navel piercing is a Curved Barbell Piercing with balls in beautiful designs. The balls can be simple or in the classic style with Zirconia Piercing or Opal Piercing. Whether discreet or fancy, there is something for every taste in our shop.

The jewellery can be made of many different high-quality materials such as Gold Piercing, Titanium Piercing, Surgical Steel Piercing or Silver 925 Piercing. Especially popular are Gold Belly Button Piercing and Titanium Belly Button Piercing, as these materials are highly compatible. Jewellery made of surgical steel is also in demand, because the quality and price of this material is right.

Design in classic colours like rose gold, silver or gold plated as well as in bright colours provide a wide range of styles. Pendants with motives like stars, suns, hearts and much more offer an additional variety from which you can choose your matching jewellery.

The Top Down belly button piercing offers an unusual look, as the piercing is above the navel. This way, the skin fold and the piercing canal are covered by the top down piercing, which makes the piercing look seamless, unlike a normal belly button piercing.

Belly button rings are another variation that can be used to decorate the belly button, but belly button rings are more suitable for a deep navel, as such a navel offers more space for the Piercing Ring. Belly button Piercings adorned with rings can look very subtle if plain rings are chosen as the jewellery. However, paired with a pendant, rings also allow for more striking looks.

Belly piercing during pregnancy

Many women with a belly button piercing are unsure during pregnancy whether they can safely wear their piercing or should rather take it out. Basically, pregnant women can also wear their navel piercing without any problems if they have a completely healed piercing and use special Barbell Pregnant Piercing that are made of PTFE or Bioflex. This type of piercing consisting of plastic adapts perfectly to the pregnant belly due to its high flexibility. Another advantage of the flexible PTFE or Bioflex bars is that you can shorten the bars as you like and thus adapt them even better to your own belly.

In our shop you will find many beautiful pregnancy piercings with which you can decorate your belly during this special time.

Pain and healing

The pain of a belly piercing varies from person to person, because everyone has a different sensation of pain. Of course, your own anatomy, such as the thickness of the skin fold around your navel, also plays a significant role. In general, however, piercing the navel is less painful.

The healing process must be approached with a lot of patience, as the navel is a part of the body with poor blood circulation and therefore heals only slowly. The average healing time is about 6 to 9 months. If complications arise, such as inflammation, healing can take a little longer, up to 12 months.

The right care

Proper care is especially important for belly button piercings because piercings on the navel take longer to heal. Constant movement in everyday life, sitting, walking and bending over, can cause additional irritation to the piercing canal. To ensure a problem-free healing process, the piercing should be cared for carefully and conscientiously.

The general care rules for piercings also apply to the belly piercing. The piercing should never be touched with dirty fingers to prevent germs or bacteria from getting into the piercing canal. The wound should be disinfected and cleaned 2-3 times a day. This can be done to soak and gently remove any crusts that have formed. The piercing should be touched or moved as little as possible during the first 3 months so that the fresh wound is not irritated and can heal well.

Risks and how to minimise them

Due to the longer healing time, the risk of inflammation is increased with a belly button piercing. However, you can minimise this risk with the care mentioned above and the following tips.

You should avoid swimming pools and solariums for the time being, as the risk of infection is increased. During the first few weeks, you should avoid doing sports that stress the abdomen, such as sit-ups, or at least wear a plaster over it to prevent dirt or sweat. During the healing process, you should also make sure that you do not wear tight-fitting clothing. Trousers with a high waistband or tight skirts that press on the belly button should be avoided. It is advisable to change to loose-fitting clothing.

If, despite everything, your belly button piercing becomes infected, your piercer is the first place to go for further care.

Another risk is that the belly button piercing will grow out. This happens when the pierced skin fold is too small or too tight. You can avoid this risk by going to a good piercing studio with experienced piercers. A reputable piercer will advise you not to pierce the navel piercing if the skin fold is too small and will also inform you about the risk of it coming out.

A belly button piercing has been one of the most popular types of piercing among women in Germany for years, especially among those who cannot wear an obvious piercing because of their profession. After all, you can easily hide it. A navel piercing looks very attractive and attracts many looks, especially in summer at the beach.

Belly button Jewelry is available in our online shop from only 1,49€. We offer belly button piercings in different materials, most often in surgical steel 316L, as this material is very well tolerated and does not cause allergies. At you can also buy a belly button piercing made of 14 carat gold or gold plated.

We also offer belly button piercings for pregnant women. The belly button rings are made of flexible anti-allergic material such as Bioplast (Bioflex) and are longer than a normal belly button piercing (10mm) to avoid ingrowing. Belly button jewellery for pregnant women often has beautiful pendants with hearts. Pendants with hearts are particularly popular with pregnant women for their belly button jewellery.

A belly button piercing costs between €40 and €80. You should make sure that the studio is clean and the tools are sterile. We recommend that you only get a belly button piercing from a piercer who has at least a certificate for his sterile studio.

Can men buy belly button piercings?

More and more men are also opting for a belly button piercing / belly button ring (BNR). Many women find this very attractive on their men. Men can also buy a suitable belly button piercing in our online shop. We recommend men rather plain models made of titanium or surgical steel. You should consider the length of CBR Piercing and not buy belly button banana piercings that are too short to prevent the belly button ring from growing in.