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Bioflex piercing

It is not a secret that the material that is perfect for the piercing, is Bioflex! Bioflex piercings are hypoallergenic and considered even safer than Surgical Steel Piercing, Titanium Piercing, or Gold Piercing because they contain no metal and are therefore safer for people with sensitive skin or prone to allergies. Bioflex piercings are also much more flexible than metal piercings, they are much lighter which provides greater comfort than any other material. Bioflex can be of different colours but also has the advantage of being transparent, which can be useful for people looking for a discreet piercing. Finally, Bioflex piercing is soft and less irritating than other materials, making it a recommended choice for piercings that are healing. In our store, you will find Straight Barbell Piercing, Curved Barbell Piercing, Labret Piercing, and Nose Piercing L-Form made of Bioflex.