Titanium Lip Piercing

Discover our impressive range of over 130 Titanium Lip Piercings, crafted from quality materials like Titanium and 316L Surgical Steel. Enjoy competitive prices and excellent customer service.

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Titanium Lip Piercing

At PiercingXXL, we are pleased to present you our new beautiful assortment of titanium lip jewellery! Famous for its strength, resistance to oxidation and time, titanium is the right choice as a first piercing as it is hypoallergenic and therefore ideal for those with sensitive skin.

The robust nature of this material is one of its famous characteristics and enables it to withstand daily wear and tear, thus ensuring that your lip piercing always looks as good as the first time you put it in.

Another characteristic that makes it famous is its biocompatibility, which significantly reduces the risk of infection or irritation, and we at PiercingXXL are very careful about this detail because we always prioritise comfort and health!

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From the classic Monroe Piercing, which emulates the glamorous mole of the Hollywood star, to the Medusa Piercing, located above the cupid's bow, Labret Piercing are always suitable for enhancing the lips, whether it is a single piercing or 2 piercings positioned symmetrically as in the case of Snake Bites Piercing.

Titanium Piercing Ring are the ideal choice for different types of piercings, from simple lip hoops to more elaborate combinations such as Spider Bites, in which the position of the rings on either side of the lip creates a beautiful symmetry.

Titanium Lip Piercing Jewelry

To fully express your personality and style, in our shop you will be able to select piercings ranging from designs such as bats or skulls to the more classic ones representing hearts, the moon or stars, available either in metal only or embellished with stones such as opals or cubic zirconia. All these jewels, combined with the strength and beauty of the high quality titanium we offer, guarantee to make your smile shine every day, resisting time and giving you the ultimate in comfort.

From flower to butterfly, bee to swan, feather to vintage themes, each design is more than just a piece of jewellery, it is an expression of your personality!

And that's not all!

Our range of piercings includes many other themes such as the wild, where you can find a snake for example, to show off coiled around your lip, or even sport a thunderbolt to express your energy.

Finally, for animal lovers, we offer the brand new and adorable dog-themed piercings that add a touch of tenderness to your look.