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Septum piercing jewellery

There is an endless selection of septum piercing jewellery in various colours and shapes that can beautify your face. Metal-coloured septum jewellery (gold, rose gold or silver) is particularly popular. With this variety of jewellery in our online shop, you can create different looks. Open rings with balls like Horseshoe Piercing, Curved Barbell Piercing and simple Segmentring Piercing provide a discreet beautification of the face, while strikingly decorated Clicker Piercing with zirconia or opal stones make the piercing an eye-catcher. Thus, the septum jewellery in our shop offers the right jewellery for every style.

The individual types of Jewelry also have different advantages. Segment Clickers are particularly easy to insert thanks to the hinge and sit perfectly in the nose. The hinge parts can be round or straight. Which type of hinge is most comfortable for your septum depends on the anatomy of your nose. Both types of clickers are available in our range in many designs and styles. Filigree septum clickers with glittering stones in vintage style are just one example of our wide range. Septum nose rings such as CBR Piercing rings, segment rings and horseshoes are the most popular type of septum jewellery and are particularly popular because of their simple look. Curved barbells also contribute to a particularly simple style.

The great advantage of a septum piercing is undoubtedly that the jewellery can simply be folded up and thus hidden in the nose in inappropriate life situations (e.g. at work). This works when using horseshoes and Retainer as jewellery. The retainers are not only made of transparent materials such as PTFE, as is usually the case, but also of metals such as Surgical Steel Piercing and Titanium Piercing.

Septum jewellery can be made of different Piercings by Material. Titanium is particularly suitable as a nickel-free material for allergy sufferers and as first-time jewellery. Septum piercing jewellery made of surgical steel is inexpensive and particularly durable. In addition, this material does not rust and discolouration of the jewellery is also not possible here. Especially rings in these two materials are very popular because of the silver look. Golden septum piercings made of 14 carat Gold Piercing are particularly high-quality and noble, which is why they are also very popular.

With our fake septum jewellery in fancy designs, you can wear the look of a septum flexibly without piercing the septum. The diverse selection of fake septums in our shop gives you the opportunity to try out the look of a septum on your nose. Fake septum piercings are available in different variations. From magnetic horseshoes to colourfully decorated and clampable fake rings, there is a variety of jewellery to experiment with.

Septum piercing

The septum piercing is pierced through the thin connective tissue below the nasal septum. For this reason, the septum is the only nose piercing that is not pierced through cartilage tissue. As a result, you feel little pain with this piercing, provided the so-called "sweet spot" is hit. This is located at the front between the tip of the nose and the cartilage tissue inside the nose. However, not everyone has this sweet spot under the nasal septum, which is why not everyone can have a septum pierced. In this case, the piercing of another nose piercing should be considered.

The piercing itself should always be done with a needle. A shot septum can cause tissue damage and make for a slow healing process. The process of piercing differs slightly due to the position of the septum. To hit the sweet spot and prevent crooked piercing, special clamping forceps are used for piercing. These are placed exactly on the membrane between the cartilage and the tip of the nose and pierced with a sterile needle. It is not uncommon for a receiving tube to be used for more stability when piercing the septum.

In most cases, jewellery with a diameter of 8 mm and a rod thickness of 1.6 mm is inserted after the piercing. A nose ring or a horseshoe is usually used as initial jewellery. The open ring with balls is particularly easy to care for in this case. However, curved barbells are also preferred by some piercers. The initial jewellery, no matter in which form, should be made of a high-quality material like titanium to support the healing process.

The prices for piercing a septum vary from studio to studio. As a rule, you should plan on about 50€ - 80€ for this type of nose piercing.

Healing and care

Because the septum piercing is pierced through the thin tissue of the nasal septum, the healing process is much shorter than with cartilage piercings. On average, the healing of a septum takes about 4 to 8 weeks. However, if complications such as inflammation occur during the healing process, the duration can also be extended by about one to two months. If the piercing was accidentally pierced through cartilage tissue instead of the thin membrane of the septum, the healing time will also be longer.

With proper care, piercing complications with the septum can be avoided. Pure seawater sprays are especially good for caring for a septum. The spray should be used twice a day to clean the wound. In general, some things should be avoided for the first two to three weeks after the stitching. These include visits to the sauna, swimming pool and solarium. You should also avoid doing sports for the first few weeks. You should also be careful when putting on and taking off your new jewellery so that it does not get stuck.

The stitch canal and the jewellery should be touched as little as possible. Whenever touching is necessary (e.g. for cleaning), hands should be well disinfected. This prevents the penetration of germs and dirt into the fresh wound of the piercing.

Stretching the septum

Stretching of the septum is preferred especially by men. This is because septum jewellery in higher bar thicknesses contribute to a more masculine look. But women who want to be more conspicuous or wear several pieces of jewellery in their septum also like to widen their piercing.

Stretching crescents are a particularly good way to widen the septum. Due to the sickle-like shape, this Expander Piercing passes as normal septum jewellery. In addition, this shape offers a pleasant wearing comfort for septum wearers.

Before you start stretching the septum, the piercing should be completely healed. This prevents the occurrence of unnecessary pain. Basically, it is advisable to stretch the septum in small millimetre steps and to give the skin time to recover from the widening.


There is always a risk of infection when piercing any piercing. This also applies to the septum. Regular care and extensive hygiene measures can reduce this risk. In addition, the piercing of the septum and the healing phase should not take place during the cold season in order to avoid spreading bacteria into the piercing wound. Allergy sufferers should also make sure that the piercing takes place during a period in which allergies are kept within limits. If the septum still becomes infected, it is recommended that the piercer be consulted.

One risk with the septum is the possibility that the piercer may not pierce through the connective tissue properly and miss the sweet spot. If the cartilage is accidentally hit, the piercing can be very painful. This also increases the risk of infection. Therefore, a septum should only be pierced by an experienced piercer from a professional piercing studio.

Another problem that can occur with septum piercing is the formation of an unpleasant odour. Healed septum piercing canals produce sebum and release dead skin particles. If these are not thoroughly cleaned, a bad smelling odour can develop around the piercing. It is therefore advisable to remove the septum jewellery daily and clean both the jewellery and the piercing canal thoroughly with water and mild soap. This prevents the formation of odours from the outset.