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Buy Tungsten & Tungsten Rings at a great price

Harder than steel: Tungsten & Tungsten rings, made of Woflram Carbide, are durable and elegant. You can find them as very beautiful wedding rings or partner rings, but also simply stylish tungsten Ring, e.g. in black. If you are not sure about your ring size, just order our free ring sizer and measure your ring size.

You can tell the quality of the rings by the high weight. This makes our Tungsten & Wolfram Carbide rings particularly scratch-resistant and dimensionally stable. They have to be, because you want your wedding ring to last a long time.

Fancy Tungsten Rings

We offer tungsten rings in black, gold, silver, rose gold, rainbow and combinations of these. As a tungsten wedding ring, a ring with a set crystal is particularly suitable. Especially popular as partner rings are the band rings, whose surface is either matt or smoothly polished.

For example, we have Religion Rings with a cross, tungsten rings with an opal or rings with a wire, which symbolise the bond of your partnership. Our rainbow rings are particularly suitable for LGBT couples. Of course, the rings are also suitable as a gift for your girlfriend or wife. But also men like to wear our rings made of tungsten, after all, they don't break so quickly even if they are treated roughly.