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Banana Piercing

The banana piercing, also called curved barbell or bananabell, is a curved Barbell Piercing that is suitable for different piercing sites. Due to its special shape, the banana piercing can be used on other piercing sites than a straight barbell bar. The curved shape of the banana offers many advantages, because it fits perfectly to curved body parts like the Eyebrow Piercing. Some intimate piercings also benefit from the curved shape of the banana piercing. In this case, a small banana is also often used as a first-time jewellery.

Buy Banana Piercing

In our shop you will find many beautiful banana piercings in different colours, shapes and designs. Simple, highly polished banana piercings offer a discreet but effective look. Especially 14 carat gold bananas shine here with their glossy surface. Banana jewellery with unique motifs such as owls, skulls or cubes allow you to create an individual style that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Banana piercings with small, dangling pendants on a ball are very popular, especially for Belly Button Piercing, and are available in an infinite number of variations. Balls in unusual shapes like spikes, flowers or stars give the piercing a special touch. The unusual designs can also be decorated with Zirconia Piercing or Opal Piercing, making the bananas a sparkling adornment for the piercing site. Banana piercings are also available in all kinds of colours, from plain silver to iridescent rainbow colours.

Banana piercing sizes

The banana jewellery is available in many different lengths as well as thicknesses and thus offers many application possibilities. The length of a banana is measured between the two balls in a straight line. Only the bar is measured.

The curved bar of the banana has two end pieces or spheres. The diameter of the sphere is measured at the widest points. The size of the sphere depends on where the banana is used. Curved barbells especially for the belly button typically have a small and discreet head piece and a large and eye-catching pendant as the lower end piece. The pendants are available in many different designs. Bananas for ear piercings like the Rook Piercing or Helix Piercing, on the other hand, are small and have discreet balls.

The most popular type of piercing jewellery for belly button piercings are bananabells. The standard bar thickness of bananas for the belly button is 1.6 mm, while the bar length is most often 10 mm. For the Eyebrow Piercing and Ear Piercing, the size of the Curved Barbells is much smaller. Eyebrow banana piercings are usually about 8 mm long and have a bar thickness of 1.2 mm. Banana piercings can be worn in many types of ear piercings. These include, for example, the Rook or the Helix. Similar to the eyebrows, the rod length of the Rook and Helix piercings is 8 mm and the thickness is 1.2 mm. Banana piercings can also be used by Lip Piercing. Here the bar length is also about 8 mm and the thickness is 1.2 mm.

Banana Piercing Closure Types

The banana can be fastened with different types of closures. With the Internally Thread Piercing or Externally Thread Piercing the balls of the banana can be screwed into or onto the bar. The internal thread banana piercing offers the advantage that the sharp-edged grooves of the thread are inside the bar and thus do not cause micro cracks in the piercing channel. Especially for new piercings this is an advantage, because the healing canal is not irritated like with the external thread.

With the Push-In Piercing closure, bananas can be closed even more securely. Because of the innovative method of closure by tension inside the bar, there is no danger of accidentally unscrewing the attachment. In addition, a Push-In closure has no grooves at all, which makes this closure even gentler on the piercing canal than the internal thread.

Materials for banana piercings

Banana piercings are available in many different materials. The most popular are Titanium Curved Barbell Piercing, 14 carat Gold Curved Barbell Piercing and Surgical Steel Piercing curved barbells. Titanium banana piercings are especially recommended as first-time jewellery, as the material is also suitable for allergy sufferers due to its Nickel Free Piercing composition.

The luxurious 14 carat gold banana piercings are also very skin-friendly and of high quality. They are also a good investment, because the curved Barbell Piercing made of this high-quality material are durable and offer a timeless look.

Surgical steel bananas are robust and do not tarnish. They are also the cheapest, which is why they are particularly popular.