Labret Piercing

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Labret Piercing

The labret is a type of Piercings jewellery that is mainly used for the lip area. This piercing consists of two parts: an attachment and a hollow pin with a flat, round plate. Labret jewellery is not to be confused with labret piercing. Labret piercing is the general term for lower lip piercing. In contrast, the term labret piercing refers to the piercing jewellery and can also be used for other types of piercing, except those in the mouth area.

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There is a huge selection of labret jewellery available in our online shop in a wide variety of designs, colours and materials. From beautiful flower attachments decorated with opal and zirconia stones to simple labrets with small balls, you can find the right labret for every occasion and preference. Our labrets in bright colours and shimmering stones create exciting looks. With many of these labrets you can choose your individual length and thickness. This way the labret fits into any piercing hole you want.

Labret piercings with Bioflex rods and attachments made of 14 carat gold offer you the opportunity to radiate luxury without having to dip deep into your pocket. Labret studs made of 14 carat gold are also a great way to look elegant at a reasonable price. This is because the bars can be worn with any number of attachments with the same thread type. Simple 14 carat gold attachments with zirconia stones or cute gold attachments in a half moon design give you an incomparably glamorous look.

With our transparent Labret Retainer you can also preserve your piercing hole if a flashy piercing does not fit into your life situation. This retainer helps you to hide the piercing without letting the canal grow too big.

Labret Piercing Materials

Labrets can be made of different materials depending on the piercing location. Even the two parts of the labret piercing can be made of different materials. Labrets used for the lip, for example, should have Bioflex or PTFE bars. The attachments can be made of many different materials such as titanium, 14 carat gold or surgical steel. The soft material of the bars is gentle on the teeth and gums.

On the other hand, labrets used for the ears can be made entirely of stronger metals such as titanium or surgical steel. In the case of a nickel allergy, Titanium Labret Piercing and Bioflex Piercing are particularly suitable, as both contain no nickel. 14 carat Gold Labret Piercing is one of the highest quality materials for piercings. Labrets made of this real gold accordingly provide a luxurious and elegant look.

For which Piercings is the Labret used?

Labret piercings are mainly used for all types of lip piercings. The length of a labret piercing should be about 6 - 8 mm and the bar thickness about 1.2 mm. Especially for lip piercing types in the mouth area the labret is the preferred jewellery. This includes piercings on the upper lip such as the Medusa Piercing, Madonna and Monroe Piercing and of course all lower lip piercings. Piercings that are located in the lip or in the red of the lip e.g. Eskimo Piercing, rarely Labret piercings. Filigree labret piercings can accentuate piercings on the upper lip such as the Medusa and give them an elegant look. In general, delicate labret attachments are ideal for piercings around the lip area to skilfully draw attention to the lip.

Labrets can also be used for various other parts of the body. For ear piercings such as the Helix Piercing or Tragus Piercing, labret attachments are often used in the bar length of about 8 mm. Due to the flat plate on one side, the piercing fits perfectly to the back of the ear and thus offers a high wearing comfort. For the tragus, smaller spheres are particularly suitable as labret attachments. A helix, on the other hand, can be optimally staged with a larger and fanned labret attachment, for example.

Other piercing areas such as the nose can also use the labret piercing as Jewelry. However, since there are many special nose stud shapes for the nose, the use of a labret in nose piercings is rather rare. In certain cases, however, a labret is suitable. For example, it can be an advantage that this lip stud consists of two separable parts. The attachments can thus be exchanged more easily and without much effort. In addition, a Bioflex labret bar can be shortened individually and the flattened plate at the end of the labret is preferred by some nose piercing wearers. When using a labret as a nose piercing, it is important to consider the size. The bar thickness should not exceed 1 mm and the length should be about 6 mm.