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Intimate piercings

Intimate piercings are popular with both women and men. There are 23 different categories of intimate piercings. The most common are Nipple Piercing, Frenulum Piercing, Christina Piercing, clitoral foreskin and Prince Albert Piercing (PA) piercings.

The type of piercing often depends on the piercing site and the anatomy of each person. Intimate piercings not only look interesting, but also seductive. Furthermore, they have a stimulating function for better sex, especially of course the penis piercing. Most common are rings and barbells.

In our offer we have many Intimate Piercing and clamp rings CBR Piercing made of surgical steel and titanium. Clamp rings often contain beautiful, seductive zircons and beads.

The diameter of an intimate piercing is between 1.6 mm and 10 mm. The diameter when piercing intimate piercings is often 1.6 mm to 3 mm. The healing time is about 3 to 6 months.

With intimate piercings, it is very important to pay attention to hygiene. Washing lotions should be avoided during the healing phase, as well as sexual activity during the first week.