Eyebrow Piercing

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Eyebrow piercing

The eyebrow piercing is an extremely beautiful and unique facial jewellery. With one or even several piercings through the eyebrow, the face gets an extraordinary look and is beautified. Depending on the type of face, this piercing can also create a certain symmetry in the face.

In our shop you can find a lot of beautiful jewellery for the eyebrow piercing in different colours and materials. The assortment includes simple and elegant Curved Barbell Piercing (bananas), rings and Horseshoe Piercing for a simple look. But also eye-catching jewellery with motives like animals, skulls, stars and angel wings are available for the eyebrows and attract all eyes.

Everything you need to know about eyebrow piercing, from piercing jewellery to piercing and the risks, can be found here in this guide.

Eyebrow piercing types

An eyebrow piercing can be pierced in different ways on the eyebrow. The best-known and most common variant is the vertically pierced eyebrow. The piercing is placed in the outer third of the eyebrow. Less frequently, the eyebrow Piercings can also be placed in the middle or in the inner third.

The eyebrows can also be pierced horizontally. In this case, the piercing can be placed above and below the eyebrow as well as in the middle of the eyebrow. The eyebrow piercing can also be placed anywhere along the eyebrow. The outer third is also the most popular placement here.

The anti-eyebrow piercing is a lesser known variation of the eyebrow piercing. With this type of piercing, the piercing is not placed along or through the eyebrow. Instead, the anti-eyebrow piercing is placed over the cheekbone. With this type of piercing it is a surface piercing. Due to the horizontal placement, the anti-eyebrow mirrors the horizontal eyebrow piercing. This reflection also gives the anti-eyebrow piercing its name.

If a single eyebrow piercing is too simple for you, you can also get several eyebrow piercings next to each other on one or both eyebrows. This double variation or a combination of the different types of eyebrow piercings looks very special and attracts attention.

The right eyebrow jewellery

The eyebrows can be embellished with different types of piercing jewellery. Bananas, Piercing Ring and horseshoes are particularly popular for the eyebrow. For rings, either a CBR Piercing ring, Segmentring Piercing or segment Clicker Piercing can be used.

The piercing jewellery for the eyebrows can be made of different materials. The Titanium Piercing and 14 carat Gold Piercing are the highest quality materials and therefore the most popular choice. Eyebrow Surgical Steel Piercing are also popular because this inexpensive material also has many advantages.

Our shop offers a wide range of different eyebrow jewellery in various colours and designs. Bananas are available in various interesting motives such as ship anchors, bats or eyeballs. Filigree eyebrow piercings in flower design or half moon design give the wearer a delicate and feminine touch.

Jewellery made of 14 carat gold provides an unforgettable luxurious look.

The bar length of an eyebrow piercing is usually about 8 mm. Depending on the anatomy, the piercing canal and thus the bar length of the jewellery can be longer or shorter. The bar thickness is most often 1.2 mm. The diameter of rings and horseshoes is often about 10 mm. The ball size of the banana or horseshoe is often about 3 - 4 mm.

Eyebrow piercing

For the piercing of a eyebrow piercing you should always visit a professional studio with an experienced piercer. Before piercing, the eyebrow is disinfected and the piercing points are marked. It does not matter whether the piercing is placed on the left or right eyebrow, as the positioning is entirely up to the taste and face of the wearer. Once you are happy with the placement, the piercer will fix the marked areas with clamping forceps, lift the skin slightly and pierce the eyebrow from the bottom up with a hollow needle. This puncture usually takes only a few seconds.

During the first few days the eyebrow piercing may swell, so a slightly longer curved barbell is used as the initial jewellery. Usually the bar length of the initial jewellery is about 10 mm. After the Piercings has healed and subsided, the piercer will change the jewellery to a smaller size at a follow-up appointment.

The pain of an eyebrow piercing is subjective, as with any piercing, but according to experience reports, the pain is less pronounced than other types of piercings. Since the eyebrow piercing is only pierced through soft tissue skin and not cartilage, only a little pain should be felt.

The costs for an eyebrow piercing range from about 40€ - 70€. The price can be set individually by the piercer and studio depending on the region.

Care and healing

With the right care, the eyebrow piercing can heal quickly and without problems. The healing time in this case is about 6 to 8 weeks. Only in case of complications this period will be prolonged. An exception to this is the anti-eyebrow piercing. In this case, the healing time is much longer, about 3 to 4 months.

After the piercing, the eyebrow may swell a little. To reduce this swelling, the area can be cooled carefully. Ice cubes wrapped in a towel or cold packs are helpful.

The puncture site should be disinfected twice a day with special piercing care products to prevent inflammation. Hands should always be washed and disinfected thoroughly beforehand so that bacteria are not transported into the fresh wound. Crusts that form around the piercing can be soaked and carefully removed.

Sweat may appear near the eyebrows during sports activities or on warm days. This should be dabbed gently with a lint-free towel so that the sweat does not run into the piercing canal.

Creams and cosmetics should be avoided in the eyebrow area for the time being until healing takes place, so that no irritating ingredients get into the stitch canal and delay healing. Colouring the hair should also be avoided during the healing period for the same reason. Furthermore, when showering and washing the face, care products that are as mild as possible should be used.

You should be especially careful when getting dressed and undressed until the piercing is healed, as any jewellery that gets caught on the clothing will irritate the eyebrow piercing even more.

In general, you should refrain from going to the swimming pool, solarium and sauna for the first two weeks after the piercing. These places have an increased risk of infection for a freshly pierced piercing.

After complete healing, the eyebrow piercing can be changed for the first time. You can try to do this yourself, but since your hands are in front of your eyes when you change it, it can be difficult to change the jewellery. Therefore, a visit to the piercer for the change is recommended for the first few times.


Just like any other piercing, eyebrow piercing also has certain risks. Since the eyebrow piercing is in the middle of the face, a problem-free healing is especially important here. Because any piercing complications are particularly noticeable in the face and should be avoided if possible.

Inflammation of the piercing canal is possible with any piercing. To avoid this with your eyebrow piercing, thorough and regular care of the puncture site is necessary until it heals. If the piercing wound still becomes infected, the doctor is the right person to contact in order to prevent further complications and to heal the infection.

An eyebrow piercing can also easily cause ingrown hairs because the piercing is in the path of the hair. The ingrown hair can become infected and fester in the process. Plucking the ingrown eyebrow hair can help with the symptoms. If you are not sure whether the piercing or the hair is inflamed, it is worth visiting a piercer. The piercer will know what the problem is and be able to advise you accordingly.

Piercings that are placed in the front area of the eyebrows must definitely be carried out by an experienced piercer, as the trigeminal nerve runs along here. This must not be hit, otherwise in the worst case a facial paralysis can be caused.

Since the eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing, the Jewelry can grow out faster and easier. This risk is less with thicker eyebrows. This is because the more skin there is, the less pressure the eyebrow jewellery exerts on the bone. Therefore, before piercing, you should pinch the eyebrow together and see if there is enough skin tissue for this type of piercing.

Another possible risk is a black eye after an eyebrow piercing. An initial swelling of the eyebrow is also possible after the piercing. However, both are harmless and usually disappear within a few days.

After an eyebrow piercing has grown back, a scar may remain at the puncture sites. However, this can be easily covered by the eyebrow hairs if the piercing is close enough to the eyebrow.