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Titanium piercing

The properties of titanium offer exceptional comfort qualities for piercings made from this material. Titanium is a hypoallergenic material, making it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin or prone to allergies. It is a material that perfectly resists corrosion and is very lightweight compared to Surgical Steel Piercing and Gold Piercing, making titanium piercings very comfortable to wear, even with larger sizes such as Titanium Barbell Piercing, Titanium Piercing Ring, or Titanium Curved Barbell Piercing. Titanium piercings offer a wide variety of colours thanks to anodization, allowing for coloration without adding a coating that could flake or wear off over time. Titanium also provides good thermal compatibility; it does not conduct heat easily, making it comfortable to wear in any season, whether it's hot or cold. This feature is especially appreciated for more exposed body areas like the ears, nose, and lips. That's why our Titanium Ear Piercing, Titanium Nose Piercing, and Titanium Lip Piercing are a wise and ideal choice in terms of comfort for these piercings. In summary, titanium is the best metal for a piercing due to its numerous qualities. It is even recommended to use it as a first piercing, as it limits the risk of complications. In our shop, you will also find Titanium Tongue Piercing, Titanium Belly Button Piercing, and Titanium Nipple Piercing in all styles and shapes.