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Push In Threadless Piercings

Never lose piercings again thanks to the innovative Push-In Threadless System without threads. Order a set or combine bar and attachment. These piercings are simply pushed in and stay securely in place. Read more in our guide.

Threadless Piercing System without thread

The innovative Threadless System, also called Push In Piercings or Press-Fit, is one of the newer thread types for piercings. The Threadless is a piercing system that works without any screw thread at all and instead holds only by pressure. In America, this type of thread has been very popular since the 90s and has already replaced threaded piercing closures in large parts. The Push-In closure is also becoming more and more popular on the English market, which is why we will explain the Threadless System and its advantages to you here in this article.

How to use Push-In Threads?

The Push-In threaded system consists of two parts, a hollow piercing bar and a decorative piercing attachment with a small pin on the back.

The attachment is inserted halfway into the bar with the pin and then bent slightly downwards. The following rule applies: The stronger the bend, the tighter the jewellery sits. Therefore, the pin should only be bent very slightly at the beginning to test the fit. After bending, the pin is pushed completely into the bar with light pressure.

If the piercing is still too loose or too tight, you can easily adjust the hold by taking the attachment halfway out again and bending the pin further or straightening the bend. Once the decorative part is completely inside the bar, tension is created by the curved pin inside. This is responsible for the firm hold of the piercing Jewelry.

When inserting threadless jewellery, the use of both hands is recommended. The best method is to grasp both ends with the index fingers and the thumbs and bend and insert them as described above. If only one finger is used, there is a risk that the pin will bend or break. Both hands and fingers should also be used for removal, as the jewellery is tightly closed by the tension inside and thus somewhat more difficult to remove. With a little more force than during insertion, the separation of the two parts is successful.

Tip: Do not insert the Press-Fit jewellery over the sink or something similar, so that the small Piercing Parts do not get lost if they fall down.

Which piercing types have threadless threads?

Threadless thread is used for Labret Piercing, Barbell Piercing and Curved Barbell Piercing. Push In Piercing are therefore mainly used for lip piercings, nose piercings, ear piercings and for nipple piercings. For the lip, push-in labrets with Bioflex Piercing or PTFE bars are highly recommended, as they are particularly gentle on the teeth and gums. Because of the firm fit, the use of threadless studs is also becoming increasingly popular for nose piercings. Trendy ear piercings such as Helix Piercing, Tragus Piercing and flat piercings can all be embellished with piercing jewellery of this type. The labrets are comfortable to wear because the flat back part fits closely to the ear. Industrial Barbell Piercing with this plug-in system are particularly suitable for industrial and Nipple Piercing. Curved barbells use a straight pin to create the necessary tension, which is why you simply put the two parts together. The step of bending the pin itself is omitted. This makes it even easier to use.

Threadless jewellery is available in many different materials such as titanium, surgical steel or gold (14 carat). You should pay attention to the material the push-in top is made of. The pressure with which you adjust the Threadless Piercing should be adapted to the material. For example, real gold needs less pressure than titanium or steel, because it is much softer.

Advantages of the Press-Fit Thread

This type of thread offers many different advantages. First and foremost is the tight fit of the jewellery. Provided it is inserted correctly, the piercing jewellery cannot fall out. As this closure is held in place by the tension inside, the ball or attachment cannot accidentally unscrew in everyday life, just like with the external or internal thread. Similar to the internal thread, Press-Fit jewellery can be inserted more easily into the piercing canal without getting stuck with the thread in the sensitive piercing hole.

The decisive advantage for many people is the flexibility of this type of closure. With only one push-in bar, several attachments in different designs from simple to elaborate can be purchased and changed as the mood takes you. The bar can simply remain in the piercing while the decorative part is easily exchanged. Therefore, this type of thread is especially suitable for people who appreciate variety and spontaneity in their body jewellery. This way, the look is changed in the twinkling of an eye.