Piercings by Body Part

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Welcome to our store! Here you'll find all the piercings you need according to their location on the body. We're not going to forget any part of the body, but we're going to concentrate a little more on Ear Piercing, Nose Piercing and Lip Piercing, as these are the parts of the body with the most piercings.

Ear piercings

Ear piercings are the most popular piercing locations, and both the Helix Piercing and the Tragus Piercing sit proudly at the top of the podium, alongside the timeless, the indestructible, the one that transcends age and trends... The Lobe Piercing! These piercings, which over time have become must-haves for anyone wishing to embellish their face, are accompanied by piercings brought to the fore by trends and the desire to stand out a little more from the crowd by displaying one's individuality.

Located on the upper part of the ear, Industrial Barbell Piercing, Rook Piercing and Forward Helix Piercing have a special significance for people wishing to embellish their appearance with a personal, rebellious style. In the middle part of the ear, we find Daith Piercing, Conch Piercing, and Snug Piercing. These equally remarkable piercings are halfway between a rebellious and a more classic style. And last but not least, Upper Lobe Piercing and Orbital Piercing are also among the piercings appreciated for their unconventional style, despite their discreet lobe location.

Nose piercing

When you think of nose piercings, there are 2 that come directly to mind, the [nostril-piercing] and the Septum Piercing, as these are the most popular and worn nose piercings. However, the nose has many more piercing locations.

Let's start by talking about piercings using a Straight Barbell Piercing on a horizontal axis. The Nasallang Piercing is a piercing that crosses the nose from side to side, with entry and exit points just above the nostrils. The Austin Bar Piercing is shorter and located on the tip of the nose. The Bridge Piercing is higher up the nose, between the 2 eyes.

Then there are the vertical piercings, with the Rhino Piercing located, like the piercing Austin bar, on the tip of the nose. The Third Eye Piercing is a piercing located between the eyes, at eyebrow level, between the beginning of the nose and the forehead. Finally, at septum level, there's the Septril Piercing; this is a downward-pointing labret piercing made up of a labret.

Mouth piercing

Mouth piercings fall into 2 categories: Lip Piercing and Tongue Piercing. Lip piercings are available in a variety of locations. The best-known are the Monroe Piercing, named in honor of icon Marilyn Monroe's mole, and the Medusa Piercing. Both piercings are above the upper lip. The Monroe piercing can be worn on either the left or right side, while the medusa piercing is in the middle of Cupid's bow. The Ashley Piercing and Eskimo Piercing are piercings in the middle of the lower lip. The difference between the two is the angle. For the Ashley piercing, the piercing is made from the inside of the mouth outwards and is equipped with a Labret Piercing. The piercing eskimo, on the other hand, is pierced from the underside of the lip towards the middle and is equipped with a Piercing Ring or, more generally, a Curved Barbell Piercing.

The various piercing locations just mentioned represent the most classic options for lip piercings. However, there are many other variations, often combinations of existing, more or less well-known piercings. The Dahlia Piercing, also known as the 'Dahlia bite', consists of a combination of two piercings located on the sides of the mouth. The Cyber Bites Piercing follows the same principle, but consists of a vertical combination of a Medusa piercing and an Ashley piercing, the latter placed under the lip. The 'spider bite' piercing consists of two side-by-side piercings, located on one side under the lower lip. The 'spider bite' variant is the Shark Bites Piercing, which is a 'spider bite' on both sides, and the 'shark bite' variant is the Snake Bites Piercing, with a single piercing on each side.

Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings are a popular choice for their discretion. Beyond the simple tongue piercing, there are other piercing styles. The best-known of these tongue piercings are the Snake Eye Piercing and the Venom Piercing. The Scoop Tongue Piercing is similar to the 'venom' piercing, except that it's a surface piercing consisting of a single jewel. Finally, the Tongue Tie Piercing, as its name suggests, is located under the tongue, at the level of the frenulum. Thanks to its particular location, it's the most discreet of all facial piercings, and no one will see it unless you decide to show it off.

Intimate piercings

When it comes to Intimate Piercing, places diverge greatly. There are a number of options available to men looking for a Penis Piercing. The best-known are Prince Albert Piercing and Frenulum Piercing, both of which are located on the glans. The //piercing frenulum// is a piercing through the frenulum below the glans. There are several variations on the //piercing Prince Albert//, but what they all have in common is that it's a piercing that passes through the glans. On the female side, the best-known piercing is the Christina Piercing, which is a piercing above the vulva on the Mount of Venus. There are also a large number of piercing locations on the vaginal lips for women. So much for piercings specific to men and women. The intimate piercing common to all genders is the Nipple Piercing. This piercing can be either horizontal or vertical.

Other piercing locations

One of the most popular piercings is the Belly Button Piercing. Although there are no variations on this piercing, there may be a slight variation in the Barbell Piercing. In fact, in addition to the other jewelry that can be worn in this area, such as the ring, the banana piercing can be worn upside down to give a different style.

There's another facial piercing we haven't mentioned yet: the Eyebrow Piercing. The arch piercing is quite distinct from the other facial piercings. It can accommodate many different types of piercings, making it a versatile location capable of producing a multitude of looks.

As for the rest of the body, Dermal Anchor Piercing can be placed in unusual locations and can embellish any part of the body. Unusual yet popular, dermal anchor piercings can be installed on the plexus, chest, neck, collarbone or cheekbones.