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The tragus piercing is one of the most popular ear cartilage piercings in UK. The Tragus Piercing is pierced through the triangular cartilage protrusion in front of the ear canal. The Tragus piercing is rather painful. Fortunately, tragus heals fairly quickly. Antitragus is pierced through the cartilage protuberance opposite the tragus. Tragus piercing costs between 15-40 €.

Suitable piercing jewellery for a Tragus Ear Cartilage are CBR Piercing, Labret Piercing or Curved Barbell Piercing. The tragus piercing plugs have different lengths, usually you need a tragus jewellery with a length of 6mm to 10 mm. The bar thickness of the Tragus jewellery is 1.2mm or 1.6mm. If you choose a Tragus Ring (CBR), the ring should have a diameter between 8mm and 10mm. The materials for tragus jewellery are often surgical steel 316 and titanium. In our shop you can also find labret piercing and CBR rings made of 14 carat gold. In addition, you can buy a tragus piercing made of Bioflex Piercing. All of the above materials are suitable for ear cartilage piercing. Our tragus plugs are often refined with fine crystals and zirconia, which guarantees the special look.

In our online shop you can buy many different Tragus earrings online. We sell tragus piercings with different motifs and many CBR Piercing that are well suited for a tragus piercing.