Piercings by Material

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In our store, we offer a wide selection of piercings in all sizes, shapes, and materials. Your well-being is our priority, and thanks to the noble metals we offer and their hypoallergenic properties, we are able to provide you with piercings that offer lasting comfort.

Gold Piercing

Gold is a material with a unique history. Its significance has spanned centuries and civilizations, always resonating as a sign of wealth and excellence. Our Gold Nose Piercing and Gold Ear Piercing are highly valued for the elegance they bring. Gold helix piercings and gold tragus piercings add an extra distinction and class to your ear piercings. We have 14 karat and 18 karat gold piercings, and our piercings are certified to guarantee the purity of the gold in your gold piercing. We also offer white gold piercings, also certified, which would look stunning as a Gold Belly Button Piercing due to their cooler color.

Titanium Piercing

Titanium has the qualities of gold, but unfortunately, it does not have its reputation. Titanium piercings are appreciated for their comfort due to their lightness. Much lighter than other metals, they are also more robust than other piercings and hold up remarkably well over time without ever tarnishing. All these qualities make Titanium Piercing a choice often recommended by piercers for a first piercing. Titanium navel piercings are a popular choice, as are titanium helix piercings, for all the reasons we have mentioned earlier. Titanium piercings are less expensive than gold piercings, but if you want to enjoy a lightweight piercing at an affordable price with the warm color of gold, we have gold-coated titanium piercings in our store.

Silver Piercing

Silver, also called "the poor man's gold," is arguably one of the most skin-friendly materials. In addition to being hypoallergenic, silver is also anti-inflammatory, prevents bacterial superinfection, and relieves itching. Silver 925 Piercing are light and comfortable to wear. Silver ear piercings are particularly popular, especially the silver tragus piercing.

Surgical Steel Piercing

The Surgical Steel Piercing is hypoallergenic and is the most economical choice among piercing materials. Along with titanium, it is the recommended choice for a freshly done piercing. Surgical steel piercings are available in various colors, shapes, and with precious stones. They are the most popular choice due to their low price and the variety of styles available. From industrial lightning bolt-shaped piercings to clicker rings for the septum, all styles of piercing rings, piercing bars, and labret and horseshoe piercings are available in our store.

Bioflex Piercing

Bioflex is a light and flexible material. This characteristic makes it a comfortable piercing to wear that can be used for all body piercings. It is particularly successful for tongue piercings and, more generally, for mouth piercings. Being more flexible and less hard than metals, it will not damage your teeth. The flexibility of the Bioflex Piercing also allows it to be worn on the navel by pregnant women. Barbell Pregnant Piercing is especially flexible and enables the wearing of a navel piercing at an advanced stage of pregnancy, even after the 4th month, when traditional piercings start to become uncomfortable.

Other Piercing Materials

We have more exotic materials for Flesh Tunnel and Flesh Plug, such as wood, horn, or bone. Our wooden piercings come from various woods from different parts of the world, each with different colors, textures, and qualities. Horn and bone piercings are made of buffalo. All these piercings are available with different carved designs.