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Discover Piercing Parts´ extensive range of over 280 high-quality piercing products. Crafted from materials such as Titanium and 316L Surgical Steel, we offer exceptional value and superior customer service.

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Piercing Pieces

We offer a wide selection of piercing pieces for all types of piercings. Our Piercing Parts Top and Piercing Parts Base, as well as the slightly rarer piercings like Piercing Parts Dermal Anchor, are available in all materials with various thread patterns and closure systems. We strongly recommend you take a look at our different collections dedicated to these various elements of Piercing Parts Top Internally Threaded or Piercing Parts Base Internally Threaded. Microdermal piercing pieces are also available in our collection Piercing Parts Dermal Anchor Externally Threaded and Piercing Parts Dermal Anchor Externally Threaded.