Surgical Steel Belly Button Piercing

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Surgical Steel Belly Button Piercing

Welcome to PiercingXXL! Here you will find an outstanding selection of surgical steel Belly Button Piercing. This material is an excellent choice for its remarkable durability and hypoallergenic properties.

Our selection of surgical steel belly button piercings seeks to satisfy both your style as well as your comfort and health needs. Surgical steel is highly resistant to corrosion and has a relatively low incidence of irritation and allergic reactions.

We know that a belly button piercing is an expression of personality, which is why we have selected a number of models ranging from simple studs to pendants.

The surgical steel belly button jewellery we offer is of the highest quality and therefore stands the test of time with flying colours. The strength of this material ensures that your piercing retains its lustre and integrity even after a long time of use.

Buy Surgical Steel Belly Button Piercing

In our shop you will find a wide variety of surgical steel belly button piercings that will amaze you both in terms of beauty and compatibility with many types of piercings.

Surgical steel is one of the best choices for new piercings. Due to its hypoallergenic and non-corrosive qualities, this material helps to have a good and quick healing.

Basically, we talk about 2 types of navel piercings. The more traditional belly button piercing, which is on the upper edge, where the jewel hangs from above, and the reverse belly button piercing, which is on the lower edge of the belly button.

Curved Barbell Piercing is perfectly suited for this type of piercing as they take up the natural contours of that part of the body.

At PiercingXXL, we guarantee belly button jewellery made of the highest quality surgical steel to ensure impeccable resistance to time and use.

Surgical Steel Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

At PiercingXXL you will find a selection of surgical steel belly button piercings in a huge variety of designs and shapes to suit any personal style.

For the more romantics, for example, we offer heart or rose designs, while for those who desire more basic shapes, we have square or star-shaped piercings for an elegant yet modern look.

For nature lovers, our collection offers an even richer selection!

From flowers to simple leaves, from the butterfly to the feather, you will always find a design to suit your needs.

Those looking for spiritual icons will be able to range from the Hand of Fatima to the cross, while those in love with the fascination of the sky and celestial bodies will always be able to carry the moon, sun and stars.

But that's not all! From tribal designs to vintage ones to all the most marvellous creatures such as the elephant, snake, dog or cat, you can choose what best represents you and your feelings.

And for lovers of darkness and mysticism, we recommend our skull, bat or scorpion piercings.

Finally, the more playful will enjoy dice and handcuff motifs, or text ornaments.

The designs of our surgical steel products range from the simplest metal-only piercings to more elaborate ones, often with opal or zircon stones in various shapes, colours and arrangements.