Industrial Barbell Piercing

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Industrial Surface Bar

Industrial piercings belong to one of the most unique and eye-catching ear piercings. With this type of ear piercing, two piercing holes are pierced at once. Mostly the piercing points of the Helix Piercing and the Forward Helix Piercing are pierced. More rarely, vertical industrials are pierced through the inner ear. The Industrial Barbell is then used to connect the two piercing points on the upper auricle. The Industrial Barbell is a particularly long and straight. The Industrial Surface Bar, also called Scaffold Piercing, is available in many different designs and is popular with both women and men.

In our shop there are many industrial piercings in different colours with interesting designs and shapes. These include, for example, industrial bars in the shape of an arrow, spiral or screw. Industrial barbells with textures like grooves or ropes particularly emphasise the ear. Motives like snakes, hearts or suns in the middle of the industrial bar give the ear a unique look. Industrial bars with hanging pendants in different motifs draw all attention to the piercing. Balls with opal, zirconia or stones make you shine.

In our shop Industrial Barbells are available in many different sizes. The common bar thicknesses of an Industrial are 1.2 mm and 1.6 mm. On the other hand, the bar length ranges from about 30 mm to 50 mm. This wide range is due to the individual anatomy. The common length of industrial bars is about 38 mm. However, smaller ears can also be adorned with shorter industrials from 20 mm.


Industrials are available in different materials. Industrial Titanium Piercing are particularly high-quality and skin-friendly. Because they are nickel-free, titanium industrials are suitable for use as initial jewellery. As soon as the industrial piercing has healed, the ear can be decorated with surgical steel industrials. The less expensive surgical steel is very robust and offers many benefits such as rust-free piercings. You can't go wrong with 14 carat industrial Gold Piercing jewellery, because the luxurious material is highly compatible and offers great wearing comfort. The polished and highly polished surface creates a strikingly elegant look.