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Nose piercings

We have a huge selection of Nose Piercing in all colours, shapes like Piercing Ring, Nose Crawler Piercing etc. and materials. Nowadays they are one of the most popular types of piercing. They are a very popular facial Jewelry for women as well as for men and it is impossible to imagine life without them as a trend. Here you will find an overview of all information about nose piercings.

Nose piercing types

Nose piercing is a generic term for the different types of piercings that are pierced on the nose. The best known type is the nostril piercing. Here the wing of the nose is pierced and decorated with a Nose Piercing Stud or a Piercing Ring. The side on which the nostril is pierced is irrelevant. It all depends on your own personal preference. The High Nostril is similar, because this type of piercing is only a slightly higher placed Nostril.

The Septum Piercing is also one of the more well-known and popular nose piercings. With this type of piercing, the thin skin of the nasal septum is pierced between the two wings of the nose. As the cartilage is not affected, this type of nose piercing is not very painful, provided the piercer hits the right spot.

The rarer nose piercings include the Bridge Piercing, Austin Bar Piercing bar and Nasallang Piercing The bridge piercing is located on the upper bridge of the nose between the eyes. The Austin Bar piercing is pierced horizontally through the tip of the nose. The Nasallang Piercing is pierced through both sides of the nose as well as through the nasal septum. In all three variations, the nose is embellished with balls from both sides.

Nose piercing jewellery

When choosing a suitable nose jewellery, there is now a huge selection on the market. Nose studs are available in many different shapes such as the nose screw or the L-shaped stud. Nose rings are also available in different variations. So you can use open, closed or CBR rings for your face jewellery. With us you can buy jewellery in colourful variations and in different motives as well as high-quality materials according to your taste.

For the nostril, Nose Piercing Stud are always preferable as initial jewellery. Some piercers also use rings, but this makes healing much more difficult. By twisting the nose ring, the piercing canal is constantly irritated and the wound cannot heal properly. This makes it much easier for complications to occur. The initial jewellery should preferably be made of titanium, as the nickel-free material does not trigger any negative reactions. After healing, the jewellery can be changed as desired. The inexpensive material surgical steel is often chosen because it neither rusts nor discolours. Due to its many noble properties, 14 carat gold is also a popular material for nose jewellery.

Segmentring Piercing and Clicker Piercing are the preferred jewellery for the septum. The Horseshoe Piercing is also a popular type of jewellery for the septum. The Nasallang and the Austin Bar are always decorated with a Straight Barbell Piercing, while Curved Barbell Piercing are used for the Bridge. For a special look, these piercing types can also be connected with a nose chain.

With Fake Nose Piercing you can always enjoy the look without having to put up with the pain of piercing and the possible piercing complications. For both septums and nostrils, there is a large selection of fake piercings in our shop with which you can easily express your style.

Tip: If you don't want to wear a nose piercing at work, you don't have to give up your beloved nose piercing. With our practical nose Retainer you can prevent the piercing hole from growing over without breaking the rules of your workplace. The retainers are transparent and therefore completely inconspicuous when worn.

Piercing a nose piercing

The way a nose piercing is pierced depends on the type of nose piercing. The nostril and the high nostril are pierced with a needle or an indwelling vein cannula, like most piercings. The septum is also pierced with a needle, but a special septum clamping forceps is used here. With the help of these, the piercer can specifically hit the small spot with the thin skin.

Regardless of the type of nose piercing, a needle should always be used. Some shops offer shooting with an ear piercing gun for nose piercings. However, nose piercings should never be shot, as this can cause the tissue to tear. Also, you should never try to pierce your nose yourself, as a non-professional can cause considerable injuries.

The costs depend on the piercing studio and the type of nose piercing. Rarer nose piercings cost more on average than a simple nostril. When planning, you should allow for a flat rate of about 30 € - 80 €.

Nose Piercing Care & Healing

The duration of healing depends on the type of nose piercing. With the Nostril, healing can take about 4 - 6 months. In case of complications, the duration can also be longer. The septum, on the other hand, only needs about 4 - 8 weeks to heal. Unlike the other options, the septum is not pierced through cartilage tissue. This reduces the healing time enormously.

Proper care is the be-all and end-all of problem-free healing. Many methods and means can be used for this. Therefore, one should always follow the instructions of the piercer. In general, cosmetics and creams should be avoided at the puncture site so as not to cause irritation to the wound. Saunas and swimming pools should also be avoided for the time being, as these increase the risk of infection. Special care should be taken when getting dressed to prevent the new jewellery from getting stuck.

Risks of nose piercings

Nose piercings that heal easily are the best fashion accessories and can give a lot of pleasure. However, piercing is never without risks that can quickly spoil your pleasure. These include, for example, inflammation or the formation of feral flesh, also known as keloids.

Choosing an experienced piercer can help avoid these risks. Because especially with the rarer nose piercings like the bridge, a professional implementation is very important. With the bridge piercing, an inexperienced piercer can hit and damage one of the many nerves in this area.

Cartilage tissue, including the nose, is particularly susceptible to wild growth. Therefore, with this type of piercing, care should be particularly thorough and regular. This is the only way to reduce the risk of infection. If, despite conscientious care, keloids or blisters form around the puncture site, you should definitely consult your piercer. He or she can advise you on the best way to care for the wound.