Titanium Belly Button Piercing

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Titanium belly button piercings

Belly button piercings are one of the most popular types of piercing. Belly Button Piercing decorate the middle of the body and are able to give the wearer more self-confidence. The belly button jewellery is available in many different materials. Titanium belly button piercings belong to the higher quality belly piercings and have various positive characteristics. The nickel-free material makes it easy for the wound to heal and titanium belly [jewellery] also offers many advantages when worn.

In our shop you can find many beautiful belly button piercings made of this unique material. In addition to belly button piercings made only of titanium for a simple yet elegant look, we also have titanium belly button piercings with Opal Piercing and Zirconia Piercing stones as well as pearls for that special look. We can also offer titanium belly button piercings in many popular designs such as stars, suns, hearts made from zirconia stones. You will find the right titanium belly button jewellery for every kind of occasion.

Advantages of titanium belly button piercings

Titanium belly button piercings offer many advantages. The material is particularly light in contrast to other Piercings by Material such as surgical steel. Therefore titanium offers a high wearing comfort and does not disturb in everyday life. Especially if you have several piercings, the choice of this material is therefore highly recommended. At the same time, titanium is three times stronger than steel and therefore has a much longer life. Due to the scratch-resistant surface, titanium belly button piercings are particularly robust. Similar to Surgical Steel Piercing, titanium does not oxidise and therefore cannot rust or change colour.

Titanium in the alloy G23 is also particularly suitable for use as a first-time piercing, because the material is completely nickel-free, unlike steel. This helps the body to heal the fresh piercing faster. Allergy sufferers in particular should consider piercing jewellery made from this high-quality material so that no complications occur and the piercing look can be enjoyed safely.

Because titanium belly button piercings have a high material quality, they are also somewhat more expensive than surgical steel piercings. In return, the wearer receives high quality belly button jewellery with many excellent features that are worth the higher price.

Titanium belly button jewellery

In our shop you can buy many beautiful titanium belly button piercings in different designs that accentuate the belly and draw all eyes to the navel. Piercing jewellery for the belly button is available in countless variations. Both plain belly button rings and simple bananas with balls as well as eye-catching belly button piercings with pendants can decorate the navel. Bananas with a ball and a motive pendant are especially popular as body jewellery. Titanium belly button jewellery with e.g. butterfly, fairy or feather pendants decorate the navel in a unique way. Delicate flower pendants or pendants with dangling chains embellish the middle of the body. The body jewellery for the belly is often set with sparkling zirconia or opal stones. Jewellery with a zirconia or opal set ball makes the navel shine.

Top down navel piercings made of titanium offer an unusual look, because here the pendant is above the navel and covers the bar of the navel piercing as well as the stitch channel. This gives the piercing a particularly seamless appearance. Titanium top down navel piercings are available in different styles like flower wreaths or hanging flowers with zirconia stones.

Titanium belly button piercings are available from us in a wide range of sizes. The bar length of belly button jewellery is usually 10 mm. However, depending on your anatomy, the length can be shorter or longer than this standard size. Therefore, we offer bar lengths from 6 mm to 16 mm so that everyone can find the right piercing jewellery for the navel. In most cases, belly button piercings are pierced with a bar thickness of 1.6 mm. A thickness of 1.2 mm is also possible here.

Titanium jewellery is naturally a little darker and matt than silver. Even if you are not a fan of this colour, you can still wear titanium navel piercings. Gold plating or PVD coating can preserve the benefits of titanium while allowing you to decorate your belly button in popular colours like gold, rose gold or rainbow. Belly button jewellery in bright PVD colours such as blue, green, pink or black are also possible. In addition, belly button piercings with titanium rods and pendants with PVD coating made of materials such as 925 silver are also available in our shop. So we can offer titanium piercings for every personal style.