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Discover our wide range of over 30 Titanium Nose Piercing options. Made from premium materials like Titanium and 316L Surgical Steel. Enjoy great prices and excellent customer service.

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Titanium Nose Piercings

PiercingXXL presents its newest range of titanium Nose Piercing that combine elegance with health benefits for the wearer.

Titanium is a metal highly valued for its lightness, resistance - even to corrosion - and its hypoallergenic qualities. Therefore, when you choose a nose piercing from our collection, you are opting for an item that minimises the risk of allergic reactions and irritation and, at the same time, has the capacity to last.

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The Labret Piercing, often linked only to Lip Piercing, has found its dimension in nose jewellery. Its flat back deisign ensures that it is worn comfortably in the nostril, making it a popular choice for first-time nose piercers as it allows room for any initial swelling.

The Classic Nose Piercing Screw, with its characteristic short, straight and then curved bar design, provides a secure fit and this feature makes it a favourite with many nose piercers. The shape of the Nose Screw minimises the risk of getting caught and/or tearing.

The Nose Piercing L-Form is suitable for all people who seek ease of insertion and removal of the jewel. The curvature of the 'L' bar in fact offers a very high level of comfort in this respect. Whether sleeping or going to the gym, the L-Shape piercing is no problem.

When looking for the types of piercings that titanium nose jewellery can enhance, the Nostril and High Nostril piercings immediately come to mind. Both can be perfectly integrated with Labret, Nose Screw and L-Sape piercings and this offers very broad possibilities to suit individual preferences.

Titanium Nose Piercings Jewelry

At PiercingXXL we have a mix of themes and designs for every need. From the simple geometry of Triangles and Squares to the Moon and Stars, our collection will always suit your taste.

For nature lovers we have designs with a Leaf, Bee or Swan theme. Those looking for more classic symbols can discover shapes such as the Cross, the Heart or the Hand of Fatima, each offering a different emotion. For the more daring, we have designs such as the Skull or the Lightning bolt. And let's not forget the more extravagant designs such as the Dog, the Crown, the Teardrop and the Flower, which can bring a little cheer to your everyday look.