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Belly Button Piercing BABY ON BORD dangle Zirconia

Belly Button Piercing BABY ON BORD dangle Zirconia

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Thickness 1.6 mm
Length 25.0 mm
Ballsize 7 mm
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The classic closing system for piercings are external threads. The thread goes into the piercing ball. This is very popular and has been proven over decades

This exquisite navel ring features a 25mm length and a 1.6mm thickness, making it the perfect fit for your belly button piercing. Crafted from Bioflex/PTFE material, this piercing offers numerous advantages.

The Bioflex material is known for its flexibility and biocompatibility, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free wearing experience. It is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. The smooth surface of the Bioflex piercing reduces the risk of irritation and promotes faster healing. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to effortless style!

The highlight of this stunning belly button piercing is the set of zirconia round stone ends. Available in clear, pink, or light blue colors, these sparkling stones add a touch of glamour to your look. And let's not forget about the adorable yellow "BABY ON BOARD" square dangle, which adds a playful and unique element to this piece.

With its silver base color and a variety of stone colors to choose from, you can easily match this belly button piercing with any outfit or mood. Whether you prefer a classic clear stone, a feminine pink hue, or a refreshing aqua shade, we have got you covered!

Upgrade your belly button jewelry collection with our BABY ON BOARD dangle Zirconia Belly Button Piercing. Embrace the advantages of Bioflex/PTFE material, enjoy the sparkle of cubic zirconia stones, and let your style shine through. Order yours now and make a statement with every step! ️

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